Attention: CRV containers recycling rules

You must separate all items prior to entering the facility. You are not allowed to separate items inside or outside of the facility.
You must empty liquids and/or any contamination from all recycling containers and remove caps from your plastic bottles prior to arrival.
We will not take any unsorted or contaminated recycling containers.
We appreciate your cooperation.

We have two convenient drop-off locations in Oakland to receive the recyclable material from individuals. We also offer equipment rental and pickup services to various commercial and industrial customers.
We buy various grades of recyclable paper in boxes, bales, or in loose form. We can provide equipment such as on site balers or stationary containers to help you increase in value and reduce the handling cost .
As a matter of convenience and efficiency, we pay by the pound. Be sure to have only CRV containers to get the highest possible refund. If have few than 50 items per material, you can request to be paid by count.


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